129th Assembly District

The 129th Assembly District is a mostly urban seat wholly contained within Onondaga County, located in Central New York.  It includes the Northside, Westside, Eastwood, Strathmore and Valley areas of Syracuse, as well as the entire Town of Geddes, and the entire Town of Van Buren. 

The 129th Assembly District takes a C-shaped bite out of the City of Syracuse (66.79% of the city population is in the 129th).  The suburban town of Geddes, including the Village of Solvay, extends north from the city.  Continuing westerly from Geddes is the rural town of Van Buren which includes the southern half of the Village of Baldwinsville.  Approximately 129,386 people reside within the 129th District with 48% male and 52% female. 

The portion of the City which is in the 129th District has a population of 99,083.  The entire Town of Geddes has a population of 17,118 and the entire Town Van Buren has a population of 13,185.