After the governor releases his budget proposal, Assemblyman Magnarelli
hosts four local Community Information Meetings to give the public an
idea about what is in the budget as well as to hear their concerns about 
proposed legislative issues prior to voting in session. The Community
Information Meetings are usually held in February and March at the 
Cecile Center, Van Buren Town Hall, Geddes Town Hall and Lincoln 
Middle School.

Paper-Shredding and E-Recycling

Several times throughout the year, Assemblyman Magnarelli partners with
community organizations to hold paper-shredding and e-recycling events
free to the community. This is a wonderful way to help protect our 
environment, and a much needed resource for our community. 

Community Information Meetings

Labor Breakfast

Prior to session, Assemblyman Magnarelli meets with labor organizers and union

leaders to hear their concerns and requests. The annual breakfast is a great

opportunity for Assemblyman Magnarelli to focus on labor concerns as he starts

legislative session in Albany.


More than 40 local non-profits and volunteer organizations participate in the yearly CNY Volunteer Fair at DestinyUSA. The CNY Volunteer Fair is a great event for the organizations to discuss what opportunities are available. Great event for students looking volunteer opportunities to earn service credit and for seniors or the general public inquiring about ways to engage in their community.  Held yearly the third Tuesday of September since 2010.


Community Events


Assemblyman Magnarelli hosts the annual CNY Veterans Parade and Expo which is held the

Saturday before Veterans Day at the  NYS Fairgrounds. The purpose of the event is “Thanking Our

Veterans”  of every generation and conflict. The one and one-half hour long parade features more than 90

veterans and military organizations from throughout  Central New York and beyond. The parade is based on

the old-fashioned military style parades that featured military vehicles, local military units, Veterans of Foreign

War Posts and American Legions. The Expo, held in the Center of Progress building, features displays with a

special emphasis  on military history, local companies, and local organizations helping present military

personnel or veterans. Held yearly the Saturday before Veterans Day since 2008.